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ARUL SU Awards 2023

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On Tuesday 30th June, ARUL SU was thrilled to bring the ARU London community together at the SU Awards. This was one of the biggest in-person events this year, and what a memorable night it was.  



Hosted at our East India campus in ideal weather, the SU Awards 2023 was an end-of-year celebration to celebrate the hard work of staff and students. This event also falls in line with the goals we strive to achieve as part of #Project5. Whether students showcase their leadership skills through project management, representing their cohort as a class rep or even playing a role in building the community for students at ARUL, they all deserve full recognition.   



This year’s SU Awards received a remarkable 268 nominations which represents nearly a 50% increase from last year which really goes to show the amazing impact of the staff and students here at ARU. The night was hosted by our own ARUL SU Assistant Manager, Fraser and the Academic Director for Student Experience, Charles 



Through the SU awards, we wanted to connect students and staff in a fun and rewarding event, whether students are getting ready to graduate or about to head into the summer holidays before the start of a new term, we want to bring the ARUL community together. The ceremony offered our staff and students food, drinks, plenty of socialising, and a live performance of “Stand by Me” from our VP Tamika. No words can describe how incredible it is to see so many students and staff get together to celebrate achievements. Last, but not least, the SU team would like to thank everyone who nominated and attended the event. Check out this link to see our winners and look out for photos from the event on our Facebook page or Instagram





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