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Top 6 reasons to get involved with ARU London Students' Union

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1.       You gain great experience and skills

Whether you become a course rep or an officer, the Students’ Union will be there to support you in developing your skills. We provide trainings which are sure to help you develop, for example, interpersonal and campaigning skills, to name a few.





2.       It looks good on your CV and makes you stand out to future employers

Becoming a representative for your Students’ Union is a sure way to get you noticed when you are applying for jobs in the future. It shows that you are an active member of your community and an individual who takes the initiative to put themselves forward to take on roles that will overall improve whatever environment you find yourself.




3.       You can get your projects funded by us!

The Students’ Union has a pot of money set aside for students. So if you have an idea that needs funding, all you have to do is pitch it to us and we can end up funding that for you! The only criteria is that: 1) You have to have two current ARU students support your application and 2) Your project must be beneficial to ARUL students. We are keen to hear and support your ideas, so get in touch!




4.       You can help to improve your classes

The Students’ Union has ways in which we can feedback to the university about how your courses are going and what you feel could be improved. Course reps exist within each class to gather this feedback and then liaise with university staff. Anyone can stand to be a course rep and elections happen to fill these roles every September. Again, in becoming a course rep you a great amount of experience and it looks great on your CV!




5.       Create communities of care on campus by getting involved in liberation networks

Liberation networks are a chance to get more peer to peer support if you identify with the following groups; BME (Black and Minority Ethnic, LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans), Parents and Carers, international and disabled students. The networks are spaces to meet up, discuss relevant issues. More so it provides another avenue of support for you during your time at university. 




6.       We organise fun trips to critically acclaimed West End shows!

If you love a good West End show and want cheap tickets then come and speak to the Students’ Union to find out more. We organise trips to see shows like Matilda and The Lion King! And tickets are available to students at a drastically reduced price!





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