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Hot Drinks

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Served from 8am until 5pm


ESPRESSO  |  £1.00

It may be small but with an intense flavour this little shot of happiness will give you that caffeine fix you are looking for.


AMERICANO  |  £1.70 | £1.90

I just want a coffee? Then our espresso with hot water makes that long black or white coffee you're looking for.


LATTE  |  £1.70 | £1.90

A coffee lovers delight! Our little shot of happiness with steamed milk and finished with a dash of foamed milk.


CAPPUCCINO  |  £1.70 | £1.90

Just what the mornings are made for...our little shot of happiness with steamed milk then topped with milk foam. Start the day like the Italians.


FLAT WHITE  |  £1.70

Why not!! This will make your day, rich espresso topped with velvety smooth milk.


MOCHA  |  £2.00 | £2.20

Add that something sweet...have your rich espresso combined with chocolate made with steamed milk and topped with milk foam. Mouth-watering goodness.


HOT CHOCOLATE  |  £1.70 | £1.90

Craving chocolate? Then why not have a melting moment with one of our hand-crafted hot chocolates.


THE 92 SPECIAL  |  £2.20 | £2.40

Our classic hand-crafted chocolate...but indulge with cream and marshmallows on top.


TEA  |  £1.00

English Breakfast

Earl Grey



Fruit Punch


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