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Breakfast Menu

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Served from 8am until 11:30am


PASTRIES  |  £1.30

White Chocolate & Raspberry Danish

Maple Pecan Plait

Spelt & Quinoa Crossiant


SANDWICHES  |  £2.50



Vegetarian Sausage

Extras: Fried Egg (50p), Bacon or Sausage (50p) or Hash Browns (75p)


JAM ON TOAST  |  £1.00

Two slices of white or granary toast with butter and Tiptree Jam


EGG ON TOAST  |  £2.50

Fried or Scrambled on white or granary toast with butter (GF option available)


CRUMPETS  |  £1.50

With Jam - three crumpets with butter and Tiptree Jam

With Cheese and Marmite - three crumpets with Cheese and Marmite


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