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In my lectures this week one of my tutors was talking about time, which got me thinking about the SU's 30 Days of Self Care (rather than paying attention to Mrs. Dalloway.) Obviously everyone knows what time is, or thinks they do, or has some idea of it, and it helps us know when we have to eat and be at lectures and go to bed (or not), but nobody ever really talks about their experience of time for fear of sounding bizarre.


Time can fly when you're having fun, or drag when you're bored, but mental health is a real temporal rollercoaster. Hours can slip past without you noticing when you're staring blankly at nothing, or a minute can feel like a year, or sometimes it seems to stop all together. Time's an important thing to everyone, and for some reason mental illness likes to mess with time itself. But, the remarkable thing about all people is that we can actually make time. We can't conjure up an extra hour in the day or invent another month so the year is longer, but we can make time for ourselves and others. We can set aside even just an hour a day to just relax, to treat ourselves, to practice good self care. The best part of that is that it's different for everyone; exercise, sleep, a hot bath, a long bike ride, a great gym session, a cup of coffee... It can be whatever you want and that's the beauty of making time for yourself. You can make time your others too.


If you knew that your friend, your relative, your classmate was feeling ill, you'd help them out, right? Same goes for mental health. Time is the most valuable thing you can spend, and spending it on someone else when they need you is an amazing thing. I guess the lesson here is that the clock isn't an enemy.


There are 24 hours in a day; take some back for yourself. Practice good self care, and don't let the bastards grind you down, whether they be deadlines, lecturers, your boss, or even your mental health. Don't forget to check out the SU website for the 30 Days of Self Care initiative!


To find out more about our campaign please click here, if you are interested in submitting a mental health video, article or anything else please let us know.


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