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Creative Minds Spotlight: Nanci

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Nanci Cruz is a second year Drama and Film Studies student here at Anglia Ruskin. She is also President of Next Move Arts, a society dedicated to supporting students interested in media and filmmaking. Here Nanci tells us a little about her own creative interests.

Tell us about yourself! Who are you and what are your creative interests?

My name is Nanci Cruz (stage and professional name in acting and filmmaking) and my major interest are: film, acting, music and all the creative process in arts in general. Everything that involves arts and creativity is my field. I’m also growing professionally as a producer in some projects.

Why did you sign up to Creative Minds?

I did sign up for Creative Minds because is the perfect platform inside ARU to get contact with other artists and creatives and at the same time to be find by others. I’ve to say, thanks to the Creative Minds, I got my first job at the SU as a Content Producer.

What would you like to gain from the Creative Minds project?

I would like to have a good group of artists collaborating together in some of our projects inside uni and outside, and see that growing for the upcoming years and encourage people to be more proactive and really use the platform to make contacts and build up their portfolio meanwhile your academic year.

What creative projects are you currently working on/looking for?

At the moment as a founder of Next Move Arts, I’m heading the program of short-film competition monthly for different groups, I’m producing a short-film for a 3rd year film student, I’m also working in my own film projects, and supporting campaigns such as #let’stobehonest and Mental Health among few other SU campaigns from media and film side, to create more awareness inside ARU.

What does being creative mean to you?

Being a creative for me is my day by day life. It did helped me in many different ways of my life positively. It’s hard work, but it does pay off at the end of it. Without being creative, I wouldn’t be myself.

Finally, whos your favourite artist?

I’ve few different fave artists from film, to theatre and music field (including paint).

From film I’ve been a Steven Spilberg since a child, from theatre I’m a huge fan of Gecko Theatre company and anything that involves physical theatre, from music field I’ve fav different bands and musicians (I’m more into rock and indie music) and from paint, I’m a huge fan of Paula Bonet (a spanish painter).


To keep up with what Nanci is working on, view her profile here. If you would like your own Creative Minds Spotlight, email us!



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