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Creative Minds Spotlight: Catarina

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Catarina Rodrigues is a film student here at ARU, she is also a visual artist and here she speaks about her creative interests and why she joined Creative Minds.


Q1: Tell us about yourself! Who are you and what are your creative interests?

Hi! I’m Catarina and I’ve been living in Cambridge for 2 years. I was born in Porto, where I lived most of my life, and since an early age I started to devote myself to photography.  I’ve been utterly interested in cinema since I can remember, which made me want to study Film at university and I aim to work in cinematography in the near future.


Q2: Why did you sign up to Creative Minds?

It seems to me the most suitable way to find other people with whom I can collaborate at the place where I study.


Q3: What would you like to gain from the Creative Minds project?

Meet other like-minded people, being involved in interesting projects and help other creatives on their own projects.


Q4: What does being creative mean to you?

For me being creative is the only way I’m able to express myself,  either through my own emotions and thoughts. It also helps me to deeply connect myself with other people and with the space that surrounds me.


Q5: Finally, who’s your favourite artist? 

That’s always one of the hardest questions that one can ask,  but I’d say the Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. I think it’s always so powerful to see how one can influence your own work and the way you look at your own reality. Bergman changed the way I look at cinema and influenced me in doing my first solo trip around Scandinavia, besides that I’ve been taking Swedish lessons.

To find out more about Catarina's work, visit her profile. If you would like your own Creative Minds Spotlight, simply download this form


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