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Creative Minds Spotlight: Amy

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Amy McInerney is a final year English Literature student here at ARU. Amy is also an avid blogger (have a read of her blogs for the SU here!) and she is interested in communications and creative writing. Here Amy tells us about her creative interests and what she hopes to get out of Creative Minds.

Q1: Tell us about yourself! Who are you and what are your creative interests? 
My name is Amy McInerney and I have just completed my English Literature degree at ARU. My creative interests primarily lie in blog writing, however I am planning to expand these to book and food reviews too. I also want to learn to crochet (it is my mid (new) year resolution! 
Q2: Why did you sign up to Creative Minds?
I signed up because I think it is a good opportunity to network with people that have the same/similar interests to me. I hope that I can find someone that I can work with – perhaps a chef so I can write them a food review and get them some publicity, or maybe a keen creative writer. 
Q.3 What creative projects are you currently working on/looking for?
I am currently in the middle of sorting out my personal blog so that it looks a little more professional and has a structure to it. I want to personally work on being more consistent with it and hope to get my food/book reviews off the ground and make them a regular thing. 
Q4: What does being creative mean to you?
I believe that being creative is being able to express yourself in your own individual way. 
Q5: Finally, who’s your favourite artist? 
Katie Childs – A landscape artist from a little village in Cornwall called Port Isaac. 
Books are more my thing – and I think 1984 by George Orwell is one of the best and most important novels in the literary world. 

To have a look at Amy's profile and read her blog, visit the website here!


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