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University Feedback Forum - Feb 2023

Here is a 'You said, we did' from the feedback received at the University Feedback Forum which took place on the 23rd of February.

Please see below questions asked by students at the University Feedback Forum. Answers from the University can be found under each question.  

  • Please can we have a student space? The SU Hangout is great, but needs to be extended and a separate space from the University would be good to hang in??

?The university is in ongoing discussions with the SU about how best to utilise space both in University House and in our future buildings. Currently students and the SU can book any space, when it is not being used for teaching to use for events or simply to hang out.

  • Can we have a wellbeing room to chill out? See other campuses, such as a sunbathing area/ plant room at Chelmsford

We have got the quiet area in the Reading Room, the multi-faith space on the first floor both of which can be used to chill out. As the weather gets better, students are very welcome to use the Cathedral Terrace and we will also be putting picnic benches in the outside spaces.

  • Do you plan to have any sensory rooms for students who are neurodivergent? ?

We have set up the quiet area in the Reading Room and fully recognise the needs of neurodivergent students (and staff). We don’t have any space available to turn into a sensory room at present but will keep this under consideration in both University House and our future campus buildings.

  • Can we have furniture on the grass areas or blankets to borrow for summer . 

Yes – we have 3 x picnic benches that will be installed on the grass areas within the next 6 weeks. We will also purchase blankets that can be borrowed from reception, for the summer.

  • Can we have more facilities for children, nursery, playing area, etc.

Although we are a family friendly campus, as a university we don’t actively encourage students to bring their children onto campus (other than for specific child friendly events).

  • Is there potential for a creche facility? ?

We don’t plan to open a creche facility. Instead we have partnered with the largest day nursery provider in the city, Stars Day Nurseries. Students can get both a 10% discount and flexible arrangements (e.g. half day childcare rather than needing to commit to full days) with Stars. They can be contacted via their website:

  • More halal food options? It's not enough and often runs out. 

We are looking to expand the halal food options at the café, taking into account this feedback.

Yes, this has been ordered and will be in place within the next 7 days

  • Can we have a coat stand in the Midwifery room? 

Yes, this has been ordered and will be in place within the next 7 days

  • Can we have student parent groups? 

All groups are set up and led by students, the SU are more than happy to assist with setting up a group. Please email with your interest.  

  • Can we have 'have a go' sessions? Not sure I want to commit to a whole club but would like to try something first?. 

Absolutly, if you have ideas of what you would like to try please contact Qingyan on the above email and we can certainly look at organising some 'give it a go' sessions. 

  • More events and activities 

We have a number of events and activities planned for the next few months, but are always open to ideas from our students on what events you would like on campus. Again please email Qingyan and we can look into organising them for you. 

The University has strong connections with external sports organisations - If students would be interetsed in tickets to watch POSH or Peterborough Phantoms please email and we will see what we can do if there is enough interest. 

  • Can we have a communal fridge to store student lunches in. 

Unfortunatly we would not be able to have a communal fridge on campus due to food safety standards or individuals food going missing. 

  • Can we have a hot option in the cafe? Jacket potato, hot meal rather than something else

The Wirrina cafe has recently added hot food options to its offering and are looking at ways to offer other items such as Jacket Potatoes.