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Feedback from University Feedback forum

Find out here what was discussed at the University Feedback Forum held on the 8th of November with the Senior Leadership Team.

University Feedback Forum ? 

On Thursday the 8th of November we held our First University feedback forum, with the Senior Leadership Team at ARU Peterborough. We were really pleased with the turnout and would like to thank those that were able to attend. Please see items below that were discussed. ? 

  • The need for more lockers and coat hooks? 

The University is currently in the process of reclaiming unused lockers, which will be available for day use only, from the wk. beginning the 21st of November. Next summer they will reclaim all lockers to then allocate to those who need them most as a priority.?? 

There will be x2 coat stands arriving wk. beginning 05/12, to go downstairs by rooms UHP011/012, with more to follow if required.?? 

Coat hooks have been purchased, with 50% already up and the rest to be fitted end of next week. Additional hooks have been added to the shower/ changing room area.?? 

  • Car parking? 

The ARU policy is that there is no parking on site, the parking prices have been negotiated with the council so there is no moving on that price. The prices have been benchmarked against other institutions of similar size/ locations.? 

  • The need for another microwave ? 

Yes, the University will buy another microwave to go on the ground floor early next trimester. ? 

  • Plug sockets in the floor? 

All floor plug sockets are being looked at and will be changed if required at the end of the month, they are being moved higher to the floor to improve access. There are no plans to move them onto tables.? 

  • The library ? 

There are no plans to make the onsite library resource any bigger, the University made the decision for eBooks over hard copies of books, as it is a far better resource which most institutes are now moving towards. It provides a wider selection of books for our students. The university will liaise with the library team on providing workshops on how to access/ use and get the most from eBooks. This has already begun with some classes. ? 

Working in partnership with the library services, the University will look at what other library provisions are in the area, for example the City Library, to see how we can work with them to provide more resources to our students.? 

  • The Café?? 

The café offering is always under review, as they establish what students and staff want. They are always happy to take on board feedback. Unfortunately, due to space limitations we are unable to offer a salad bar or sell Jacket Potatoes.?? 

ARU Peterborough is a cashless environment, which they have now added to the opening times sign above the sandwich fridge.?? 

You can use your own cups to get a hot drink in the café already, this will mean you will not be charged 20p for a disposable cup.?? 

There are no plans for a restaurant/ canteen on the ARU campus.? 

  • Support- Free food?? 

The University has introduced free fruit/ porridge and soup sachets in wicker baskets by the ground floor kitchen area.??? 

  • Smoking on campus? 

The university is planning on installing a smoking shelter early next year. For now, please continue to smoke at least 10 metres away from the building.?? 

Ross Renton is keen to hold a consultation early next year regarding smoking, with the theme ‘Should the campus be a smoke free campus?’.?? 

  • Tiered seating on campus?? 

The university made the decision not to add tiered seating at the Peterborough Campus, with instead choosing for table and chairs, thus encouraging classes to be more interactive with break out spaces, to improve the students learning.???? 

  • The sound level in the Lecture Theatre? 

The University will liaise with faculty lecturers as there are already microphones in place for them to use. ? 

  • Heating in the Lecture Hall? 

The heating has now been adjusted so should be warmer in the Lecture Theatre. Resolved 10/11.?? 

  • Submission timings/ penalties ? 

Can the University make it clearer to students that if you don't submit a piece of work by 2pm but do by 11.59pm on the same day, you only lose 10% of your mark, compared to the 40% if you submit it at a later date. This will help take the pressure off students that experience technical issues on that day. There is a tiny button on canvas which explains this, this really needs to be made bigger.?? 

The university is looking into how they make the tab bigger for extensions. ? 

  • Student social spaces? 

Students can book out any rooms on campus that are not being used, for social meet ups. The Senior Management Team are currently liaising with the Students’ Union Chief Executive to discuss future plans for a student space.? 

  • Skills lab capacity? 

The University is constantly reviewing programming for these courses to see if the groups can be made smaller to allow for more space. ? 

  • Strike action? 

There are no plans, however the University is currently working on a comms plan just in case.?? 

  • Placements- More emphasis on wellbeing? 

The university will work with the practice education team to promote how to identify issues before they arise on placements, looking at what training needs to be done prior to placements starting. A suggestion was put forward that 2nd/ 3rd years who have experienced placements do talks to 1st years on what to expect, with an emphasis on ‘It’s ok, to not be ok’ this is something the Senior team will work with the faculty leads to provide. ? 

  • Student Accommodation on site?? 

The University are currently liaising with local landlords to look at what they can provide for our students in close proximity to the campus.? 

  • Support- Energy? 

With blackouts mentioned for this Winter, are there measures in place to ensure teaching can still take place if one occurs whilst students are in university, this will mainly affect the computer science students as they do work on computers which would likely not work in a blackout.? 

The University have been included in planning for Blackouts, looking at putting provisions in place if the worst was to happen, regarding flexing timetables, block sessions.? 

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Our next University Feedback Forum is pencilled in for the 23rd of February 2023, further details will follow in the new year. ?