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Advice Slice - December 7th - What if I fail?

Your next instalment of SU snack sized support - this time we're talking failure and what your options are!

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What happens if I fail?  

Sometimes the hardest part about being a student is balancing your study with everyday life... whether that be family, children, work commitments or your health. Though we'd love for the world to stop whilst you study, that sadly just isn't the case and whilst we'd also love for you all to pass your assignments with flying colours first time, we also know that this isn't always the case either. So, you've fallen short of your most recent assignment: what can be done? 

Option One: Re-submission  

Automatically, students will be given the chance to re-submit their work to a new deadline but this will be capped at 40%. We strongly advise all students undertaking a re-submission to utilise study skills + who can help you achieve your full potential through support in time management, referencing and general academic skill. They offer both online resources and 1-2-1 appointments!  


Option Two: Exceptional Circumstance Claim 

Do you feel like your grades were impacted due to an unforeseen circumstance? Like sudden illness? Bereavement or care responsibility? Do you feel that without these events your work would have been a different standard? Students can claim for exceptional cirucmstances and, if successful, can be granted another attempt at their work without penalty. Remember: this has to be within 5 days of the deadline! If you hand it in late, you must account for why you didn't hand it in on time. The form can be found here: Exceptional Circumstances Reporting  and must be sent to: 


Option Three: Academic Appeal 

Do you feel like your grades were impacted by the university directly? That is, did something happen during your study, placement or lecture time that hindered your grades? You could be eligible to file for an academic appeal and, if successful, be granted another attempt at your work without penalty.  Remember: questioning academic judgement is not an eligible reason for appeal. In layman's terms, you can't file because you disagree with the grade you received. If you can't evidence university fault, your claim will not be successful. The form can be found here: Academic Appeal Form.doc and must be sent to: 

Of course we understand that taking action after your assignments can be a daunting prospect, especially if these are processes you have never experienced before. That is why we actively encourage students to engage with the advice service before taking that next step. We not only offer guidance and advice around these processes but we can also connect you to a number of beneficial student services to totally level up your study game for the next academic season.  

But what we want to stress the most is don't suffer in silence! If you are struggling, seeking support or need guidance on your study, be sure to engage with the student union advice service - it's our job to not only support you but also empower you to take full control of your study journey. Support options are also signficantly wider the earlier you notify the university of a problem so do bare that in mind! 

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