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The Advice Service will be closed from Tuesday 19th December to Tuesday 2nd January, all appointments will be booked in after this date

The Peterborough advice appointments are currently being delivered by the advisors on our Chelmsford and Cambridge campuses. All appointments are virtual so you do not need to travel.

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Terms and Conditions

I give consent to ARU Students Union Advice Service to act on my behalf both verbally and in writing about my case with ARU staff and, when needed, with external organisations. I give permission for ARU staff to release information to the advice service and understand that my personal information including reasons relating to my need for Advice will be stored electronically.

I understand that the student union adviser is there to offer impartial, independent advice, support and representation and cannot influence or make decisions regarding my academic records or study, but only advise on these issues. I understand that their advice is not mandatory and I ultimately make all decisions about my education independently.

I understand that what I tell the adviser is confidential within the advice service unless I say something that may put myself or others at risk. In this circumstance, other teams such as counselling and wellbeing may be contacted and I give consent to this.

I understand that completing this form creates a request for the Students' Union adviser to get in touch with me. It does not guarantee a meeting or confirm an appointment. I understand that appointments are only confirmed once the adviser has returned my request with a scheduled meeting.