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Anglia Ruskin Students' Union

Give it a Go: Gaming

Give it a Go: Gaming

Say hello to your Students' Union!

Thu 23 January 2020 14:00-16:00

Students' Union - Peter Taylor House

Give it a Go: Gaming


Come and join us for a fun afternoon of gaming in the SU Space! We’ll have a whole host of games for you to play with new friends, from traditional board games to the wii  on the big screen, we’ve got something for you, whatever your gaming style.

We’ll also be joined by our some of our brilliant gaming societies who would love you to join their society! Find out more about your societies here. 


The Inclusion Fund

We believe that all students have a different experience, and we want to ensure you get the best experience you possibly can in your unique position as a student at Anglia Ruskin. This is why we have created the Inclusion Fund. The fund's aim is to remove barriers to participation and engagement with Students’ Union activity for any students who may incur extra costs in order to take part.

The fund is for all ARU students to access and it is for helping students to engage with SU-led activities. You can use the inclusion fund for two for one tickets, transport and childcare.

If you would like more information about the inclusion fund, click here.


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