Thinking of Leaving?

Thinking of Leaving?


If you are thinking of leaving or changing course or applying to another university, this page will help you to obtain appropriate advice and support in making a decision about your future career or programme of study.


First of all, don’t just drop out, talk to someone. The University does not want to lose you and will do all it can to assist if you are experiencing difficulties.


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Why do I want to leave?


It is not unusual to feel unsettled during the first few weeks of coming to university.  It may take some time to adjust to being away from home, living with new people, making new friends. Or it may be that you feel you are on the wrong course, or that you would prefer to be at a different university.  Whatever your reasons, it is important to talk your concerns through with someone.


Who can I talk to?

There are a number of people you can talk to depending on what your concerns are, whover you choose to speak to first can help you through what to do next.


Within Student Services

A first point of contact is a university Student Adviser. They can advise on possible options about your course or module changes and next steps you need to take.


The Employability Service is available to offer advice and guidance and to help you look at all your career options, if appropriate.


The Counsellors are there to help you work through any personal issues that may be involved in your reasons for thinking of leaving. 


The Money Advisers will be able to assist you and provide information on many issues relating to finances.


For independent advice about leaving

The Students’ Union Advice Service is available to any student for information, support and advice relating to any aspect of their time at Anglia Ruskin University. If you need to talk to someone, contact us for an appointment.


What other options are available?

It may be that you are experiencing health or financial difficulties and you may wish to consider Intermission. This means that you can leave your course for a while (up to one year), and resume at a later date, Student Advisers are responsible for arranging periods of Intermission along with your Course Leader.


What about the financial implications?

It is important to think about the financial implications as early as possible.

Fees and Student Loans

Our SU advisers don't give money advice, but you should be aware that at what point in the year you're thinking of leaving may have different financial implications.

The regulations regarding fees are complex. The Money Advisers in the university's Student Services will be able to help you with this.

Council Tax

If you intermit, you will no longer be exempt from Council Tax.


Check the contractual arrangements for your accommodation with the Accommodation Office.