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Upcoming Events

London Election 2023 - Nominations Open
9th January - 16th February
London Election 2023 - Nominations Open #London #Election2023
New Town Youth 1985 - Peterborough Museum
21st January - 16th April
Peterborough Museum
ARU Sustainable meet up (In person & Online)
26th January - 30th March
We are a group of students that want to make change.
Hang out with your peers (Cambridge and Chelmsford)
30th January
Hang out with your peers(Cambridge & Chelmsford) Look after your wellbeing this trimester by meeting other students. It’s important to stay connected with the ARU community and other student
Monday evening yoga
30th January
Cos 310
Why not join us for some downtime after a busy day. Recharge your body and mind with some Yoga after your day of studying.
30th January
cos 117
Come and watch the film 'Three Idiots'
Peer led Online Placement Chat
30th January
Peer led Online Placement Chat Online Placement Chat is for all ARU students whose course involves a placement. They are led by students for students.
Weekly meeting
30th January
room MAB 103
Weekly meeting with singing, a bible study and prayer, with free refreshments provided.
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