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Upcoming Events

Peterborough Museum Xmas Event
26th November - 23rd December
Peterborough Museum
Join us this festive season s Peterborough Museum transforms into the ultimate Christmas experience!
Flag Fen's Christmas Elves
2nd-18th December
Christmas Celebration
5th December - 5th January
Christmas event by ARU London STUDENTS' UNION
Christmas Give it a Go - Chelmsford
8th December
92, Tindal Building
Looking to join in the festivities? Come along to our Christmas Give it a Go day in 92!
Online Wellbeing Workshop: Loss, Grief & Change
8th December
An Online Wellbeing Workshop to explore your understanding of loss and grief presented by an ARU Counsellor
SU Advice Drop In
8th December
If you need a quick chat with our Advisers - just pop in!
Christmas Celebration
8th December
Christmas event by ARU London STUDENTS' UNION
Thursday afternoon yoga
8th December
Join us for our 4pm Yoga class, in the Coslett dance studio (Cos 010)! Take some time to move your body and calm your mind; both of which can help to alleviate any stresses of the day. See you there!
Level Up! Gaming Meetup
8th December
MAB 013
A weekly meetup to relax and play games.
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