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Our vision is for all young people to move successfully from education into employment, providing the talent that our region’s companies need to grow.

Mock Interviewers

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

Form the Future are looking for students to become mock interviewers. The mock interviews activity is designed to expose young people to what an interview feels like. This is not training in interview skills (Form the Future deliver that separately), although you may pass on some tips whilst giving feedback, but more of a simulation in which students get a chance to understand what an interview feels like and consists of. The role of a volunteer is to ask a student a set of questions, take note of their performance & responses, then provide feedback on what went well and what they could improve on. Over the course of a Mock Interview session we could expect a volunteer to interview up to 8-10 students: each interview consists of 10-15 minutes of questions followed by 10 minutes of feedback. Sitting on the other side of an interview is a great way of seeing what skills are needed as an interviewee and therefore an easy way to improve one’s own interview technique. Please note this role will an in person role.


• To provide students with experience of an interview situation

• To develop student’s interview skills

• To help students be better prepared for future interviews

Time Commitment

A Mock Interview day typically takes around 2 – 3 hours depending on the size of the Year Group we are working with; this includes time to register at the school and to complete the debrief at the end of the session.

Activity Overview

In this activity:

• Each student will take part in a mock interview with a professional from the local community (you)

• Each student will receive feedback from the professional on their interview performance

• The interviews consist of questions to the student about their personality, skills and strengths. Sometimes a school will request the use of a Job Descriptions as well, where this is the case, we will brief you in advance


All of the schools are in and around Cambridge, a lot will by accessible by bicycle, all the others will be accessible by bus. 

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