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Break recruits and trains volunteers to support young people who access Break’s services. Break expanded into Cambridgeshire at the end of 2018 with its Staying Close, Staying Connected project, supporting care leavers into independent living. We are looking for mentors who can commit to a couple of hours every other week for a minimum of 12 month - to develop a positive and trusting relationship; increase self confidence and raise the young person’s self esteem; support and encourage young people to reach their full potential; help them achieve their personal goals and develop their skills.

Volunteer Mentor

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

A Volunteer Mentor provides support for vulnerable young people, meeting on a regular one-to-one basis. They should be non-judgemental, confidential and aiming to guide, encourage, and motivate the young person. They should be committed to focusing upon the positive, and moving at a pace comfortable to the young person. Key Tasks: • To negotiate and agree practical arrangements to meet with the young person. • To explain and establish boundaries of relationship. • To identify, agree and set goals with the young person –in small stages and over a period of time. • To encourage and enable the young person to enjoy their achievements. • To meet and actively develop the mentoring relationship through the stages of trust. • To provide basic advice and information according to the young person’s needs. • To support a young person both emotionally and practically, referring back to the Co-ordinator. Role specification, our induction process and leaflet will be sent across to you along with our application. Our process is thorough to make you a part of our team and to make sure that you are right for the role.

What skills do I need?

Are you: • able to relate to young people;able to listen; non-judgemental and accepting of other people as they are; able to inspire, encourage and motivate; friendly, patient and have a good sense of humour along with being over 18?

What will I gain?

• By volunteering for Break, you will be making a massive difference to young people across East Anglia. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and skills, make friends and socialise, and give back to our community.

Training and support

We have an induction process including a safe care interview, training and a formal interview. You would be matched with a mentee who has volunteered for the service and offered supervision and other support.

Time commitment

We ask for a commitment of 12 months, offering to meet a maximum of once every 2 weeks for a couple of hours.

Travel Expenses


DBS (criminal records) check

A DBS (criminal record) check is required for this role. This organisation will supply a DBS check for you.

Volunteer reference

This opportunity will provide you with a Volunteer Reference.


Various locations.

Travel information

We will reimburse money spent on travelling and undertaking activities through an online expenses system which we will explain.
  • Your CampusCambridge, Peterborough
  • InterestsAnimals, Art and Design, Befriending and Mentoring, Children and Youth, Disability, Food, Health, Homelessness, Music, Drama and Creative Arts, Sport and Recreation
  • FrequencyOn-Going
  • WhenFriday afternoon, Friday evening, Friday morning, Monday afternoon, Monday evening, Monday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening, Sunday morning, Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening, Thursday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening, Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening, Wednesday morning

Employability skills

  • Communication and Literacy 0
  • Critical Thinking 0
  • Emotional Intelligence 0
  • Negotiation and Influencing 0
  • Problem-solving 0
  • Resilience 0
  • Self-Management 0
  • Social Responsibility 0