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Become a leader in your local community


ARU sits within some of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the UK and welcomes students from across the region, the country and from around the world to enjoy and thrive in the cities student and local community.

We want all ARU students to be proud of the cities they have chosen to learn in, feel welcomed into the local community and contribute to the cities shared success.

Like everywhere you decide to live, our cities and communities experience issues and problems that we need to solve. Cambridge and Chelmsford are no different, but you can help do something about it.

Everyone can contribute to their communities, no matter how small, to make our cities safer, greener, more exciting, equal and more, to make a difference to the environment in which we live and to the lives of those around us.

Find out what the local issues in your cities are and how YOU can help your local community:



Rowing on the River Cam                                   Corpus Christi College                                      Punting on the River Cam


The first official game of football with rules similar to the rules we use now was played in Cambridge in 1848.
Individuals at Cambridge University have won a total of 89 Nobel Prize's, in all 6 disciplines.
One in five journeys in Cambridge is made by bicycle!


Find out what the local issues there are in Cambridge and how you can help:



Wealth Disparity



Chelmsford Cathedral                                                  Lord Ashcroft Building, Anglia Ruskin              Chelmsford City Centre


Chelmsford is one of the UK's newest cities, being granted city status in 2012 during the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.
Chelmsford is the birthplace of radio. Guglielmo Marconi opened the first Wireless Telegraph Company here in 1899.
Chelmsford is the home to Essex Cricket, the County Championship champions in 2017!


Find out what the local issues there are in Chelmsford and how you can help:


Dementia Care

Anti-Social Behaviour


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