Play 'Free Rice' today!

'Free Rice' Online Quiz


Every right answer helps to end world hunger. 

Free Rice is a free to play, online game, where you answer a variety of questions, based on your chosen subject. For every answer you get correct, the World Food Programme (WFP) will receive 10 grains of rice (or the money equivilent) who donate it to various WFP projects accross the world.

Get started today and see how many grains of rice you can donate!


1. Go to or download the 'FreeRice' app (available on android and ios)

2. Create your free profile

3. Add yourself to the ARU Volunteer Centre group using the code SCUTME6U

4. Answer as many quiz questions correct as possible!


January 2020 Competition results

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Refreshers competition. In just one week you have helped us donate:


557,130 grains of rice!


Congratulations also to our individual winner:

Sarah Baldwin - 87,440 grains of rice!


and our Society winners:

ARU Surgical Society - 136,770 grains of rice!


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