Free Rice Competition

Free Rice

Every right answer helps to end world hunger. Join our free rice competition from 20th-24th January for your chance to win prizes! (see below for details).


Free Rice is a free to play, online game, where you answer a variety of questions, based on your chosen subject. For every answer you get correct, the World Food Programme (WFP) will receive 10 grains of rice (or the money equivilent) who donate it to various WFP projects accross the world.

Get started today and see how many grains of rice you can donate!


1. Go to or download the 'FreeRice' app (available on android and ios)

2. Create your free profile (use you first and surname)

3. Add yourself to the ARU Volunteer Centre group using the code SCUTME6U

4. Answer as many quiz questions correct as possible!


Individual Competition

The individual with the most donated rice wins an ARU branded hoodie of your choice!

Competition rules:

  • Only rice donated between Monday 20th January, 9am, and Friday 24th January, 4pm, will be counted towards your total.
  • Individuals must be on the SU group and only rice collected whilst part of the group will be counted.
  • Individuals must be current ARU students or ARU staff members (SU staff excluded)


Society Competition

The society that can donate the most grains of rice will win £50 for their society account!

Competition rules:

  • Societies must be fully registered and recognised by ARU Students' Union.
  • Only rice donated between Monday 20th January, 9am, and Friday 24th January, 4pm, will be counted towards your total.
  • A Society Committee member has to register their group using the form below by Sunday 19th January to be in with the best chance of winning. Societies can register after Sunday, and will get their code sent to them then, but will just need to do some catching up on those who got their code at 9am on Monday morning!
  • Your society will have their code sent them via the registerd society committee members email at 9am, 20th January. 
  • Only rice donated via the society group will be counted.
  • Members of your society group can be anyone - society members, course mates, friends, family or anyone - the more the better!


Register your Society

Society Name: 

Committee Member Name: 

Committee Member Email Address: 


I consent for ARU Students' Union to use my email address to contact me regarding our group code, competition rules, notifications and results. 


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