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Upcoming Events

23rd March - 21st April
Prayer Room
From the 23 March – 21 April marks Ramadan, a month of fasting for the Islamic community.
Easter Egg Hunt
27th-31st March
University House
Follow a trail of hunt and win amazing eggs!
PGR students: Fitzwilliam Museum visit
31st March
An invite to all PGR students for a morning of culture with an outing to the Fitzwilliam Museum
Friday evening chill & games night (Cambridge)
31st March
Cambridge SU
Friday evening chill & games night (Cambridge) Hang out with your peers & look after your wellbeing this trimester by meeting other students while playing some fun games.
The Big Night In
31st March
A pizza and games night welcoming everyone.
After hours - Nursing Student Night Out
31st March
Chelmsford Campus
a night to remember...
Cambridge Good Mood Café with CPSL Mind: Games Afternoon
1st April
Cambridge SU
Drop into our weekly Good Mood Cafe on campus (in the Students’ Union) to connect with like-minded students. These sessions provide an opportunity to meet new people, share interests, skills and wellbeing tips in an informal space to help boost your.
PGR Online Lunchtime Board Games Social
3rd April
PGR Online Lunchtime Board Games Social Hosted over Teams
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