Activities Insurance

What is Activities Insurance?

Activities insurance provides you with BUCS Platinum Elite Personal Injury Insurance. This is compulsory for all Students' Union sport's club members who take part in training or competitions at Anglia Ruskin. This insurance comes with a range of benefits listed below and costs £5 in Cambridge and £5 in Chelmsford per academic year.

Activities Insurance Cambridge

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Price: £5.00

Activities Insurance Chelmsford

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Price: £5.00

What you're covered for

Loss of Earnings

  • If bodily injury prevents you from attending your full time or part time job, you will receive a weekly benefit (up to £65 per week) based on a 7 day week for up to 26 weeks.

Examination Re-sit Expenses

  • If you are unable to sit your exams because of a bodily injury, the insurers will cover any costs incurred to re-sit.  The payment could be anywhere between £50 and £2500 dependent on the type of injury.

Hospital Confinement

  • If bodily injury results in confinement to a hospital as an in-patient, you could receive up to £40 per day for each day in hospital up to a maximum of 120 days.

Temporary Total Disablement

  • If bodily injury results in the insured person being unable to study, you will receive a weekly benefit of up to £40 per week for up to 52 weeks (excluding the first seven days).

Dental Injury

  • This policy insures damage to teeth. If dental treatment is required, up to £1000 is covered.

Accidental Death

  • Up to £25000.

Permanent Disabling Injuries

  • This provides cover for disabilities such as paralysis, loss of sight, hearing, organs and others. This could result in a £1,000 to £50,000 claim.

Physiotherapy Cover

  • Following broken bones or primary dislocation. Up to £40 per session (Maximum 10 sessions)

Covering The Cost Of Medical Certificates

  • Up to £30 per certificate

How do I get my Activities Insurance?

Activities insurance can ONLY be purchased online below and by completing the health questionnaire which is sent in your e-mail confirmation.

No membership to any club will be permitted without the purchase of the Activities insurance.

SU Sports Federation Policy

  • The Students’ Union insists that every member of a Students’ Union club, who wishes to participate in training or matches at Anglia Ruskin University, must have valid Sports Federation insurance.  
  • Membership to the Sports Federation is open to all Anglia Ruskin students. Non-students may also take out Sports Federation which allows them to train but not compete in matches. 
  • Students’ Union staff will carry out periodic spot checks at club training sessions and matches to ensure all players hold valid Sports Federation insurance.  The Students’ Union reserves the right to suspend students from participating in sport if they are found not to hold a Sports Federation card.
  • Clubs must present a list of members and Sports Federation numbers to the Students’ Union by Monday 8th October 2012.
  • It is the responsibility of the Club President to ensure that every student holds Sports Federation insurance before they are permitted to participate. 
  • Clubs that allow members to participate without Sports Federation insurance will result in their grant allocation being reduced / withdrawn or in extreme circumstances the club may be closed.