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We are not perfect, that’s why we aim to build back the feeling of how is to be part of the team were based on feedbacks we will schedule activities to help the day by day challenging journey of being Psychology student.

This will include Podcasts, Online thematic sessions, Social event, Debate evenings, and more face-to-face activities.


Please feel free to share your ideas about what would you like to see in this Society.

Website, e-mail address, Instagram next week will be finalised and make it public.

Thank you for your patience.  


Events what we think to organise: 

Guest speakers:

  • This could include academics, practitioners, and experts in different areas of psychology organised face-to-face or online, where you can learn about new research and developments in the field, where you have opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussion.

Social events:

  • Creating a sense of community and support within the group, where you relax and have fun together. This could include things like movie evenings, outings to local psychology-related events.

Psychology Conferences or events:

  • Can be a valuable experience for members of the society, to learn about latest research in the field, and networking with other professionals.

Debate evenings:

  • Which can be fun and engaging at the same time exploring controversial topics in psychology like nature vs. nurture, the ethics of research, or the validity of certain psychological theories and discussing different perspectives on these issues. Learning how to communicate effectively and engage in respectful debate with those who hold different viewpoints.

Field trips:

  • like local mental health facilities, research centres, or other organizations which focuses on psychology-related issues:
  • Members can gain a better understanding of the work being done in the field, practical application of psychology and how research is put into practice, at the same time developing new perspectives on psychology path after graduation.

Mindfulness sessions:

  • Easy ongoing sessions to help manage stress, provide support and motivation from those who already was at one point in the same situation.

Study groups:

  • Where can be shared study tips, preparing for exam period, and motivating in struggling day-by-days challenges.

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