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ParaSoc ARU is a society based out of Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford and aims to benefit Student Paramedics and other students at the university with an interest in pre-hospital and emergency medicine (PHEM).

ParaSoc aims to expand and enhance the knowledge of students with a combination of educational and social events throughout the year. We try to build on topics covered throughout the standard university course, as well as introduce new topics and opportunities that are not normally available to students! to keep up to date about all of our events, make sure you follow us on our social media pages! have a read about the sort of stuff we'll be getting up to this year! 



We're really excited at the range of guest speakers we're hoping to have in this year! Although not all of these guest speakers are confirmed, this gives you an idea of the sort of topics that you can expect! 

  • Discussions regarding scene safety, mechanisms of injury and dealing with difficult situations. 
  • What do critical care resources bring to the scene? 
  • What is it like working as a newly qualified paramedic?
  • How to deal with maternal emergencies.
  • What can HART bring to the scene? 
  • Working in different areas such as the coastguard and mountain rescue.



The PRF will be a student led forum discussing all the topics that we feel are really important but aren’t necessarily covered as part of the standard curriculum, or are topics that we feel could be expanded on outside of the time restraints of a lecture. We want to make sure that all students, regardless of study year, can participate and engage with the discussion topics. We're always open to suggestion to new topics of discussion!

So how does it work? Each PRF meeting will be slightly different from previous years, students will be able to come and present their past experiences from placement and have questions asked. This will be a way to discuss different ideas regarding patient care. We are hoping to get some lecturers in to discuss their experiences as well. 

Of course, pizza and drinks will be provided so don't miss out! 



Each year the society hosts a 24 hour CPR marathon in aid of charity! The idea came from the world restart a heart day in October, aimed at teaching the public about the importance of CPR, why not make it a sponsored event and raise some money for a charitable cause as well?! This has become a long standing society tradition and over the years ParaSoc has proudly raised thousands of pounds for various charities! This year we will be choosing a new charity and potentially changing things around slightly so keep your eyes peeled for info! 


We're all students and who doesn’t love a good night out! We'll be sure to put on some good social events throughout the year, its a good opportunity not only to let your hair down and de-stress but also to socialised with students from other year groups! ParaSoc always aims at providing our members with free entry to our social events, and we try and do some sweet talking to get free drinks as well :) 



Merchandise will come on sale at some point soon! Please keep an eye out. 



Follow the link on the Students Union ParaSoc (Chelmsford) page for the one-off yearly payment of £4.50, this gives you free access to all of our social events, Guest Speakers and PDF sessions. Whilst we always aim to make events free to members, some events such as incident and scenario days may require a small fee to cover the full cost. All merchandise etc will come at an additional fee. We are excited to announce that all first year students are entitled to ONE FREE MEMBERSHIP this year and we hope that it is ParaSoc!



Facebook: ParaSoc – ARU Chelmsford

Instagram: @aru_parasoc


Contact committee members via Facebook or Instagram messenger.



President: Charlotte Turner

Vice President: Luke Scanlan

Social Secretary: Abi Brown

Treasurer: Aoife Farmer

Engagement Officer:  Up for Re-election in October!

Events Officer: Up for Re-election in October!

Skills Co-ordinatior: Up for Re-election in October!




Societies October Election

Election of new committee members and Campaigns Officers for the academic year starting October 2023.

142 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 12:00 on Thursday 5 October 2023 (in 9 days)

The polls open at 09:00 on Friday 6 October 2023 (in 10 days)

Please log in to see more details.




We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!


Social Media Officer





  • Paramedic Soc - Chelmsford Standard Membership£4.50
  • Paramedic Soc - Chelmsford - 1st Year Free Membership£0.00

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