ARU Surgical Society - Chelmsford

ARU Surgical Society is a dynamic and interactive hub for all of those who are interested in the world of surgery. Our range of activities includes hosting of a range of broad or specific themed conferences and symposiums, developing hands-on surgical workshops and training platforms, as well as charitable and social events. We find ourselves proud to be the first student-run surgical society, aiming to further surgical experience in the educational heart of Essex County.

We aim to:

• Facilitate surgical exposure and education, advocate a holistic approach to patient care by considering surgical ethics, and sharpen skills required for the innovative surgeries of tomorrow.

• Invigorate interest in surgery to new students entering a course this year and the ones who were already part of last year Surgical Society, by organising several sessions on surgical skills;

• Build a society capable of organising and hosting major international events such as:

- The Virtual Women in Surgery Conference;

- Annual Surgical Conference

- Suturing & Laparoscopy Skills Sessions

-  Academic ARU Surgical Society Live Webinar Series

- Global Surgery Conference

• Bring in the focus of surgical education and innovation at ARU and create a wider network of societies and healthcare associations;

Create a Mentoring Scheme for ARU aspiring surgeons!





We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!

1st Year Rep.

Academic Lead

Clinical Skills Lead

Events Coordinator




Vice President



  • ARU Surgical Society - Chelmsford - Full Blended Membership£6.00
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  • Surgical Society Online/Virtual Membership£4.00

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