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Welcome to the ARU Fandom Society!

'A place to come and be nerdy and other people actually get it'

  • We meet every Wednesday - our first official meeting is the 22ND SEPTEMBER 2021 In LAB107! Wahoo!
  • In our meetings, we are aiming to have screenings, debates, games, quizzes, parties, and much more for you to participate in.
  • You can follow us on these socials for general updates about latest meetings and more:
    • Facebook: Anglia Ruskin's Fandom Society
      For general updates, our main chat, and information about upcoming events
    • Instagram: @fandomsociety_aru
      For sporadic quizzes, battles, games, and polls, as well as updates, photos, and all-thigns-fandom
From the Fandoms you know, and the ones you don't; we have a bit of everything! We are a fun-loving society that survives on being authentic to the shows, the books, the movies, and whatever else Fandom things you like!

If that's Doctor Who, or Sherlock, or Harry Potter, or whether you like things more like Anima and K-Drama, Supernatural and Teen Wolf, Buffy, or sitcoms like Friends and Brooklyn 99, or perhaps the superheroes: Marvel, DC, Pixar?

Maybe you've heard of these, maybe not. But either way Fandom's repertoire is far more expansive than just this small list, and we are always on the look out for more stuff to talk about! So if there's something you want to nerd-out about, come to Fandom and find some friends!
  • We also work in collaboration with other societies, such as  KPop Society
  • Though we cannot meet in person, we will keep you up to date with all events and goings-on via our social media
  • And, finally, if you'd like to join Fandom, please pay the £3.60 annual membership. You can do this either on this webpage, or by going into the SU Office on-campus. Please do this as soon as possible so that you can get involved in our events
    (This money helps us to do more cool stuff for you guys, like going on trips and provisions for parties!
We look forward to meeting you all,

The Fandom Committee




Let the battle commence. Part.2
8th December
Unlike most sequels, this will be a great follow-up of the last fandom battle!

Events Officer


Social Media Officer


Vice President

Dancehall workshop!

Women society



  • Fandom Society - Cambridge Standard Membership£3.60

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