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Society Spotlight: Social Work Society

The Social Work Society have provided fantastic learning opportunities and volunteering projects for experience to be gained and confidence to be increased.

Society Spotlight: The BioMedical Society Cambridge Conference

The BioMedical Society is made up of 8 committee members, who have different experiences within the field of healthcare, and research so that we can provide the peer to peer support that our students deserve and seek, through events and workshops.

Society Spotlight: Chelmsford Anglia Ruskin Sirens Cheerleaders

The Anglia Ruskin Sirens Cheerleaders are a hard working, dedicated team of cheerleaders who put in many hours of practice. They train twice a week to perfect their skills. This society is a great way to make friends while keeping fit and represent our university all over the UK.

Societies: Want your society to win awards? Look no further.

Read our tell all on how to gain as many awards certificates and prizes in your time as a Committee Member here at ARU Students’ Union.