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We will be in contact with new committee members with an invitation to committee training sessions - please keep an eye on your emails!

PDF's of Training Slides

Session 1 - Affiliation Memberships

Session 2 - Running an Event

Session 3 - Society Finance

Session 4 - Awards Recognition

Session 5a - Faith, Identity and Culture

Session 5b - Course-based-Societies


Your Activities Team are here to support you as a valued committee member. Each society has a designated coordinator, depending on the type of society you run:

Sport/Faith/Interest-based societies in Cambridge:
Oli Gray 


Course based societies in Cambridge:

                 Emily Starr

All societies and clubs based in Chelmsford:
Rhys Davies

If you'd like to speak with the Assistant Student Opportunities Manager:
Abi Dolan

General enquiries:

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