Expenses forms & Extra Funding

Claiming expenses


Reimbursement form for purchases under £30 - Petty Cash Form


Reimbursement form for purchases over £30 - BACS Form


Hand these into your campus SU reception, with at least one other committee member's signature and the relevant receipts. Please make it clear whether the funds are being claimed from your society's Membership or Grant account. For Grant purchases, clearly state Grant Account on the form, and where possible, which category of the Grant you want it to come from, e.g. Equipment. 


You can alternatively send us invoices for purchases for your society:


Invoices must be accompanied by the below information if payment beyond expenses is being requested. If only expenses are being paid, please explicitly ensure "expenses only"  is clearly visible on the invoice.

Invoices must be addressed to:
ARU Students' Union,
East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

Invoices should:

  • Be a VAT invoice.
  • Have the address of the person/ company requesting payment.
  • Be clear - PDF not JPEG.
  • Be addressed too: ARU Students' Union, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

Where to take / send invoices / BACS or Petty Cash Requests to:
Take them to the SU Office and ask for it to be given to Alexis Mannion or emailed to your Coordinator.



As Committee Members you can request the balance of your membership and grant account at any time from your Activities Coordinator or from the SU Reception. 

Do not spend money without checking your accounts first.

With agreement from your fellow committee members you can purchase items for the society and get reimbursed .

Before any large scale events, a meeting must happen with your campus specific Activities Coordinator or the Activities Manager.

Keep all receipts from purchases as no returns can be given without clear receipts.

No question is a stupid question! Please ask us if you are unsure about anything relating to your society. 

Membership Account 

This account can be used to purchase items to benefit the society and all of its members but should not be used to benefit individuals.

Grant Account

The grant account is an account for any money your society is allocated by the SU as part of the Grant Funding.

The money you have been allocated can only be spent on the items that were approved and MUST be spent by the dealine given. If there is a valid reason why your society will not be able to spend the funds before the deadline, speak to your relevant Coordinator to request an extension. Extensions are granted on a case by case basis. 

If you have been granted funding in one category but do not think you will be able to use it and want to use the funds in another category, you must speak to your relevant Coordinator about transferring the funds before the deadline and they can approve this.