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For Global Week 2022, we have food being provided on the Chelmsford and Cambridge campus - take a look below to see what is on!

Chelmsford: Stalls throughout the week + International Food Tasting ~ Tuesday 29th March @12pm

Cambridge: International Food Tasting ~ Wednesday 30th March @ 12pm


Feast your eyes on some delicious recipes from around the world that our students created for Global Week 2021. Get busy in the kitchen with a tutorial by one of our students or have a browse through our Global Week Recipe Book.

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Carbonara by Simone

Hello everyone! We are Simone and Alice and we come from Brindisi Puglia, in the south of Italy. We know that carbonara pasta is one of the most popular dishes and there are so many different recipes. Some people even buy the horrible pre-made sauce in the supermarket. In Italy, Carbonara changes according to where you live but, in this video, we are going to teach you how to cook the original recipe from Rome! Need the ingredients list to add to your shopping? Click here. 

Taktouka by Ghita 

Ever wanted to try your hand at Moroccan cuisine? Now you MorocCAN! Join Ghita as she shows us how to make Tatouka, a delectable, cooked salad. With a mouth-watering combination of herbs and spices, this dish epitomises Moroccan cooking. After cooking this dish, there is one thing that you won’t have, leftovers!  Need the ingredients list to add to your shopping? Click here. 



Taramosalata and Pastitsio by Fil

In Greece, everything's about family gatherings as good food binds us together. If you feel like cooking pasta today, do it the Greek way, with this scrumptious traditional dish. Consisting of pasta, meat sauce and bechamel, pastitsio, it's the perfect Sunday lunch. Sanck lovers can also try the Greek cuisine by preparing this super easy dip made of fish roe, to accompany their favouite finger food. Need the ingredients list for Fil's Taramosalata to add to your shopping? Click here. Need the ingredients list for Fil's Pastitsio to add to your shopping? Click here.  

Sarmale by Ana

Join Ana in cooking a dish that is a must at every important family event in Romania – Christmas, Easter, Weddings, New Years, you name it – Sarmale! Arguably considered Romania’s national dish, Sarmale can be described as stuffed cabbage rolls. Treat yourself to this delightful dish today! Need the ingredients list to add to your shopping? Click here. 




Jardineira by Ledna

Ever wondered what an Angolan-Portuguese infused meal would taste like? Find out today and follow Ledna’s recipe for ‘Jardineira’. If you are looking for a healthy, nutritious and extremely tasty meal, look no further! It looks amazing and is a perfect dinner!  Need the ingredients list to add to your shopping? Click here. 
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Jardineira RecipeClick here for the method


Musa's Jollof Rice

See our Nigerian students prepare Jollof rice, a staple dish in Nigeria. It is an iconic spiced dish with a massive history! From weddings to celebratory social gatherings, it is served. It is one of the main meals in Nigeria and this delicious dish should not be missed. Need the ingredients list to add to your shopping? Click here. 


Zhouying's Chinese Dumplings

Here ARU student Zhouying has given us an introduction to the traditional Chinese dumpling. From how to make it to its origin, it’s all there! Tune in to find out all about one of China’s most important cultural foods.