Anglia Ruskin Representatives

Forget Freshers’ Week, this is where the real fun will start! As a Rep, you have a unique opportunity to create change on your course and in your community. You have the power to challenge the norm, engage with your peers, and act as a point of contact for students and lecturers alike.
Whether you know exactly what you want to do or you’re waiting to hear what your fellow students want to work with you to change, you can talk to the team in the Students’ Union who are there to help you along the way. They can support you to develop an idea and will provide guidance to you in your role. It’s also good to keep in contact with your Course Leader, after all, they want things to be the best they can be as well.
Remember that we’re here for you at every step of the journey, and we love to hear from you – me especially! If you want to introduce yourself, have a chat, or work on a campaign with me, drop me an e-mail at I don’t just love all things academic, I love everything about representation too.
I know you’re going to have a fantastic year. Enjoy it, and make it your own!
Grace Anderson
Academic Officer

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