Postgraduate Research Reps

The Role of a Postgraduate Research (PGR) Rep


PGR Reps focus on finding ways to develop and improve the academic experience of students in their faculties. PGR Reps represent students in their faculty and attend their Faculty Research and Innovation Committee. This committee works on promotion and development of a research culture and supports the faculty research strategy.

There 2 roles available in each faculty:





Opportunities to stand and vote in the elections will appear on this page once the elections are open.

No elections are currently running


- Attend training and remain in contact with the Students’ Union

- Attend/send a report to their Faculty Research and Innovation Committee

- Gather student opinion and feedback outcomes to students

Support and benefits

- A Rep Coordinator as a key contact to provide guidance and support

- A number of further developmental opportunities and activities

- A free hoody

- The opportunity to register as a volunteer and build your own transcript of volunteering

Who are my PGR Reps?

Postgraduate Research Reps

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