Faculty Reps

The Role of a Faculty Rep


Faculty Reps represent students at their campus in their faculty and attend Faculty Education Committee and Faculty Partnership Team meetings.

Faculty Reps focus on finding ways to develop and improve the academic experience of students in their faculties.

There are a total of 8 roles available (during the transition to the new faculty structure some roles may be subject to change):

AHSS Faculty Rep

HEMS Faculty Rep
Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough

S&E Faculty Rep
Cambridge and Chelmsford

B&L Faculty Rep
Cambridge and Chelmsford


- Attend training and remain in contact with the Students’ Union
- Attend their Faculty Education Committee and Faculty Partnership Team meetings
- Host Faculty Forums, gather student opinion and feedback outcomes to students
- Attend/send a report to the monthly Executive Committee

Support and benefits

- Dedicated SU staff  to provide guidance and support
- A number of further developmental opportunities
- The opportunity to register as a volunteer and work towards Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificates
- A free hoody

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