Rep FAQ's


Frequently asked questions:  


1. Who can be a Course Rep?

Almost anyone! If you are a student at ARU, you can be a Rep. Most courses have one Rep per year group. *(Framework award students may not be eligible)


2. What does the Course Rep role involve?

The most important part of the role is communicating with the students on your course. When you have gathered feedback from them, you take it to the relevant staff, either in person or at your Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) which takes place twice per year. You then let students know what happened and any changes you helped to make.

The basic requirements of a Course Rep are: 

1. To complete training with the SU, 

2. to gather feedback from students, 

3. to attend or report to your SSLC.


3. How many hours a week would I need to work?

There is no set number of hours you need to commit. As long as you complete your training, communicate with your course mates and report to your SSLC you can take as much, or as little time as you like.


4. When would I start?

 After the close of elections in October (or immediately after your in-class election if you are a January starter).


5. Do I need to have any experience?

 No - and we don't expect you to! All Reps are fully trained and supported by dedicated SU staff.


 6. Can I stand if I am an International Student?

 Yes, you can! 


7. Can I stand if I am a part-time student?



 8. What if I started my course in January/March?

If you started at a different time of year you may already have a Course Rep in place (we run elections in January too!). If not there may be a vacant role in this election.


10. What do I have to do to nominate myself for a position?

 It is not like a normal job where you apply for a position and are then invited for an interview. You must nominate yourself and then students will vote on whether they want you to represent them.

 To nominate yourself click the STAND tile on the Rep Elections page.


 11. What should I include in my manifesto?

 The manifesto is optional, but if you wish to you can use it to tell students why you would be great for this role. You can include a photograph too.


12. What is the deadline for submitting my nomination?

 Midday on October 8th 2021.


13. I can't see my Course Rep role!

If you are a nursing student you may not have an online election. Please speak to your course leader to make sure an in-class election will be available for you.

If you are not a student nurse and cannot find your Course Rep role in the election please contact to let us know.


14. Are the roles paid?

No. The roles of Course and PGR Rep are voluntary, but we can help to log your hours and skills to create a transcript evidencing the work you have done. 


 15. How do I vote?

Voting opens 9am October 9th 2021 and is open until 5pm October 17th 2021, so there's plenty of time to cast your vote! Don't forget to self-define when prompted to so that you can vote for as many roles as possible.

There will be a link to voting on the main Rep Elections page once polls open, or you can go straight to - don't forget to log in!

And if you are a candidate you can vote for yourself!