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Below is a list of resources which will help you in your role as a Course Rep, Campaign Rep, Faculty Rep, Postgraduate Research Rep and as a National Conference Delegate. Click on the links below for the resources:

Course Rep Induction Presentation

This is the induction presentation for current Education Reps (Course Reps, Faculty Reps and Postgraduate Research Reps) which you would have been presented in your Rep Induction. Use this to remind yourself of all the information you need to be a successful Rep!

Campaign Rep Induction Presentation

This is the induction presentation for current Campaign Reps which you would have been presented in your Rep Induction. Use this to remind yourself of all the information you need to be a successful Campaing Rep

My Course

As a Course Rep, you have admin rights on your own My Course page which you can use to post messages and email all of the students on your course. Log in and click the link to get to your My Course Page.

My Course Email Guidance

This is a visual guide of how to use the email tool on your My Course Page. As an elected Course Rep, you have Admin rights on your My Course Page. This allows you to send emails to all the students within your year of your course. This is a tool you can use to gather student feedback, inform your fellow students of discussions and agreed actions within your SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) and any other way you want to engage representation issues with your course mates.

SSLC Guidance

As a Course Rep, you are expected to attend your SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) to feedback the notes you have gathered from your fellow students to your Course Leaders. Here are some Guidance Notes on what to expect from the meeting.

SSLC Feedback Template

To most effectively feedback your notes from students during your SSLC, it is recommended to use this Feedback Template. Fill this in and bring to your next SSLC to help you feedback your student feedback.

Volunteering Handbook

This handbook is to provide overall guidance to ARU volunteers and staff engaged in volunteering activity. As a Rep you are a Volunteer! This handbook is designed to support volunteers and is intended for guidance only.

Student Charter

The role of the Course Rep is to be the voice of students. Course Reps protect and extend student rights as outlined in the Student Charter whilst also playing an instrumental role in developing the quality of their learning.

The Rep Framework

The Rep Framework was developed collaboratively by the University, Students' Union and Course Reps and launched in 2014. It sets out clear expectations, roles and responsibilities of each member of the partnership in relation to the election and support of Course Reps, and how each party can actively ensure students are engaged collectively in the enhancement of their educational experience.

NUS National Conference Guidance

As a National Conference Delegate, you are expected to attend the annual NUS National Conference. The link above will take you the the National Conference Website which will provide you with all the up to date information, agendas, policys, training, running officer nominees and much more. 

Students' Union Advice Service

If a student approaches you with a problem, do not try to sort it yourself. Please direct them to our independent, confidential and impartial Advice Service who can help students throughout their time here. Our Advisors provide professional advice on a range of issues including academic appeals, assessment offences, placement issues, finance worries, accommodation issues, complaints, disability issues and more.

Students' Union Volunteer Centre

As a Rep, you are a volunteer, and can therefore log your volunteering hours and skills with the Volunteer Centre to gain a volunteering certificate and a Skills Transcript which will recognise all your hard work as a volunteer rep. You can use your transcript alongside your CV and will increase your employability. Create a profile and get logging now!

Which Volunteering Hours can I log as a Rep?

This is a Guide to which hours you can log as a Rep to ensure that your hours are accurate and your Skills Transcript is the best it can be.

Staff Contacts

If you require any more guidance about your role as a Represenative, please contact your relevant campus Represenation Coordinator:


Emma Howes -


Toby Pallatt -

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