Riya Gadhavi

Vice President (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Riya Gadhavi: Vice President of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care 2020/21 


Hello my name is Riya Gadhavi, I am your Vice President of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care (HEMS) for 2020/21. What does being a Vice President mean? Well it means I am employed full-time at the Students' Union to represent your voice at ARU. I feedback your praise, concerns and improvments at Univeristy meetings, directly to the VC of ARU, in your Faculty Desision making boards and more. I also run key campaigns that I pitched to you during last years Election

At ARU I am a student of MSc Public Health, I have been associated with the Students' Union as  a part of Indian Society, and I took part in various events organised by the SU in my time at the University. I decided to stand to be your Elected Officer after I received a nomination to stand for International Rep and I thought to myself why not aim high. And here I am The incoming vice president HEMS.  


What are your campaigns/ what would you like to achieve for students this year? 

My key areas of work would be around mental health, making a greener and more sustainable campus, and housing. With the pandemic still hovering around and being a student of public health, I think it is also important to make people aware of what is going to be the #newnormal.  


Why are you passionate about this project idea? 

Looking at the current situation, it takes a toll on your mental helth, your future employment, your career paths etc and can all of this can emotionally and mentally drain you. Hence focussing on mental wellbeing is important. 

 Also, a greener and more sustainable environment is what all of us have been wishing for and hoping for and it would be great if all of us can do our bit and contribute towards a greener and more sustainable environment. 

 As an international student, housing was one of my major concerns and I would like to make the student life better by providing and increased and stable housing for the students.



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Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? 

In 5 years, I want to be working in public health sector with the government as a part of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in my country. 


Share your three favourite tunes: 

Bollywood music is my all time favourite. From cliched love songs to peppy dance numbers, I just love bollywood music. Biased I’d say, haha.  

But, in western music I love 

‘Perfect’ - Ed Sheeran 

‘Senorita’- Shawn Mendes  

‘A Thousand years’ - Christina Perri 


Tell us something not many people know about you. 

I am a dentist by profession, and I have worked for a year as a dentist before joining my master’s program here. I have been one of the major leads in extracurricular activities like singing, dancing and drama during my undergrad. It takes a little time for me to open up to people, and initially I might come off as a quiet person, but once I’m into it, people just want me to be quiet. I am very interested in politics, I love walking around the city and reading is my favourite thing to do.  


What's your ultimate ARU moment? 

As a part of Indian society, when we pulled off our first, successful event for Diwali, that was very satisfying as it was a team of just 3 and pulling that off was a big challenge and we did that successfully. That was a major boost to our self-confidence, that we can achieve anything we wanted!


If you had a super power what would it be?? 

Reading people’s mind.  



What’s your favourite social media platform/ where can students find you to chat? 

Personally, I am quite active on Twitter and Instagram. And I think it’s safe to say that I handle my personal accounts quite well. Though I am active on facebook too, but personally facebook does not appeal very much to me on a personal level. But I know, people would find it easier to catch me on facebook, so I am active there as well.