Omkar Singh

Vice President (Business & Law)

Omkar Singh: Vice President of Business and Law 2020/21

Hello, my name is Omkar I am your Vice President of Business and Law this year, and am currently studying: Master of Science in International Business. What does being a Vice President mean? Well it means I am employed full-time at the Students' Union to represent your voice at ARU. I feedback your praise, concerns and improvments at Univeristy meetings, directly to the VC of ARU, in your Faculty Desision making boards and more. I also run key campaigns that I pitched to you during last years Election

What made me stand to be an Officer? I thought to spot relevant positive changes through advocating cause or policies which can enhance student life in university and being an officer will give me the best platform to do so.  In five years time I hope to be an Entrepreneur and social activist, “making world a better place to live”. 


What are your campaigns/ what would you like to achieve for students this year? 

This year is going to be quite exciting with different opportunities and unique challenges. I would like to work on crucial student service like well-being, student engagement with university and faculty. Representation of the students in the best possible manner also tops my super priority list. Apart from this I would like work on projects for creating and nurturing entrepreneurial environment inside the university.    


Why are you passionate about this project idea? 

Student-faculty engagement, I’ am inclined towards bringing transparency among the two because the more students get opportunity to interact with their respective course faculty, the higher the chances of best outcomes. I’ am passionate about the other project i.e. entrepreneurial environment as it not only evolve students into prospect entrepreneurs but also it may give birth to new unique ideas. 

Recent news and updates:

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Incubation Centre Launch

Wed 17 Feb 2021

Omkar Singh's Campaign, the ARU Incubation Centre

We are very proud to announce a major win - the University has approved plans to move forward with the Incubation Centre project! We could not have done this without your feedback, letting us know this was so important to you. Thank you!

ARU Business Incubation Centre

Thu 03 Sep 2020

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Representing you on Timetabling Pt. 2

Thu 24 Sep 2020

Avinash, Students' Union President and Omkar, Vice-President Business and Law, with a megaphone

We have continued working on the timetabling issue students have been facing, Check out the update here.



What's your ultimate ARU moment? 

I was enthralled witnessing different culture, varieties of fun activities and food stalls during global week. It gave me the opportunity to experience world at one place and it was my perfect ARU moment.    


Tell us something not many people know about you. 

I was 17, when I was on peaceful hunger strike stood for righteousness. Later, I went on representing my university and district in Indian Student parliament and in state youth parliament organised officially by govt. of India respectively. In terms of entrepreneurship, I was 20 when I started my first business venture and by 22, I owned two start up entities.   


Share your three favourite tunes: 

I love listening to Indian music. It’s difficult to sort out top few but these three music remains always on list. “Zindagi ek safar” by Kishore Kumar, “Allah ke Bande” by kelash kher and “Lag jaa gale” by Lata mangeshkar. 


If you had a super power what would it be? 

If I had super powers, I will make people’s life easier / safe across the globe and make sure no one goes to bed starving. 


What’s your favourite social media platform/ where can students find you to chat? 

I find social media compelling and I’ am active on most of the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In. Students can catch me up for a quick chat on any of the mentioned social platforms to share their opinions/views or just for a casual chat.