Omkar Singh

Vice President (Business & Law)

Ashique Salim - Vice President of Business and Law 2021/22


What are your campaigns/ what would you like to achieve for students this year? 

1: Increase the number of placement - It’s hard to find a placement after studies even I also experienced that, So I would like to work on that to increase the number of placements that University can provide for the students. Students are opting courses with placement because they are looking for a practical experience while they are studying. So, it available for all students is what I want to do.

2. Access to cheaper accommodation - As described above many students may not be within the financial reach to afford the university accommodation provided within the university. I would like to take the initiative to reduce or increase the number of students that we can accommodate in university accommodations, and which is accessible.

Why are you passionate about this project idea? 

What sets me apart from others is my vast experience in the field of Business, having worked with major corporate companies as well as co-owning a business in India. I have had experience of working within few MNCs which enabled me to understand their strengths and due to my close observation; I have also noticed many flaws in the systems. 


What's your ultimate ARU moment? 

My ultimate ARU moment was the time when I was elected as the Vice President in Students Union for the Business and Law Faculty and it was hard for me to believe that I am going to start working for ARU as well as for the students, that was one of my exciting moments in my whole life. 


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Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? 

I always wanted to have my own business, so I hope I’ll achieve that in 5 years of time 


Share your three favourite tunes: 

Hymn for the weekend Coldplay

Into Your Arms              Ava Max

A sky full of stars          Coldplay  


Tell us something not many people know about you:

I am a social person not many know that about me. I love travelling with friends and family. 


If you had a super power what would it be?? 

I wish I could fly. It’s much cheaper and time convenient (flight tickets are high lol.) and I love travelling to different countries. I am a person who finds it difficult to reach places on time this way it will be much easier and resourceful. Super man is my favourite superhero so you probably can guess where I get this idea from.


What’s your favourite social media platform/ where can students find you to chat? 

Mostly I use Facebook but that’s just because I haven’t figured out most other platforms yet ?? I will do and would be happy to be contacted anywhere. I have access to my emails too I’ll also be setting up a regular VP blog post with the Faculty to keep you updated on all my campaigns and highlighting what I get up to.