Laura Douds


Laura Douds

Vice President (Science and Technology)

Studied: Optometry
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 Laura Douds



What are your top 3 tunes? 

Invisible Touch - Genesis

Meant To Be Yours - from Heathers: The Musical

Just Can't Wait To Be King - from The Lion King

What are your priorities for your year in office?
The team and I are focusing on mental health, as it's something that's very important to all of us.
For me personally, I really want to focus on increasing the number of clubs and societies we have, increasing the membership, and improving the quality. We have some that are really going above and beyond the call of duty already, but I really want to see more students getting involved and achieving great things through their extra-curriculars.
Secondly, I want to work closely with the liberation reps (this includes our LGBT+, BME, Women's, Disabled, Trans, and International reps), help them out to the best of my ability and lobby the university for positive change where it's necessary.
Tell us one thing that not many people know about you?
Jamie (our president) and I have the same birthday!  
What is your ultimate ILoveARU moment? 
There are way too many to count. Joining societies in my first year and making more friends than I thought possible, learning to run those same societies in my second and third years, representing my class as a course rep, giving feedback on policies at student council - seeing the outcome of these things and realising that the things I do can have a positive impact on the people around me is a really fantastc feeling. Getting elected as a representative was possibly the best moment of all, though.
Realising I'd passed my degree and was leaving with a 2.1 wasn't a bad feeling either!
If you had three wishes what would they be?
Ahh, that's a tough one. I'd probably wish for better motivation - there are a lot of things I want to do (outside of work) that I just never get around to because it's easier to just sit and watch TV or Netflix forever. I'd also wish for something like 'always having the exact amount of money I want there to be in my bank account'. Money might not buy happiness, but it does buy trips to Disney World and that's basically the same thing for me. Finally, I think I'd ask to not be allergic to cats. My brain loves them but the rest of my body does not :( 

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