Johanna Korhonen


Johanna Korhonen

Vice President (Arts, Law & Social Sciences)


Studied: Media Studies
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 Johanna Korhonen 






What are your top 3 tunes? 

One of my favourites at the momen: Rita Ora - Your Song

One of my favourite Finnish songs at the moment: Aste - Enemman kuin valmis

If I'm feeling emotional: If Elephants Could Fly - Marcus Warner
What are your priorities for your year in office?
Be accessible and approachable - I want students to be able to stop me in the corridor and come and see me in the office 
Be accountable - I will focus on communication and will be active on social media, updating students on the projects I'm working on
Improve the food in the canteen - food is central to university experience and I want everyone to have a full belly and a good time
Tell us one thing that not many people know about you?
'You're not only sweet and kind but also a good time' -Eliza Vice President (FHSCE & FMS)
...So apparently I don't seem like I'm that fun but if you befriend me, I will be :D
What is your ultimate ILoveARU moment? 
My ARU experience has consisted of multiple little ILoveARU moments, it's difficult to pick one! I love free vegan pizza in council, starting my Free Printing campaign, winning elections (obviously) but also those not so fabulous moments of writing my dissertation at 8pm while listening to crazy songs and laughing with my friends.
If you had three wishes what would they be?
Improved vegan/vegetarian food in the canteen
Have snapchat streak with as many students as I can!
That flying wouldn't be so harmful for the environment and it would be quicker (or that I could teleport myself around the world)

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