Eliza Torres


Eliza Torres

Vice President (Health, Social Care, Education & Medical Science)

I represent: Health, Social Care, Education & Medical Science Students
Studied:  MA Early Childhood Education

BA Social Work

Contact me: e.torres@angliastudent.com

 Eliza Torres



What are your top 3 tunes? 

1. Unforgettable by French Montana ft Swae Lee

2. Made 2 love U by Johnny Balik

3. La Gozadera by Gente De Zona ft Marc Anthony


What are your priorities for your year in office?

Faculty drop in sessions:

  • As Vice President of two different faculties I appreciate and embrace the fact that each faculty has their own students with different individual needs. Bearing this in mind I would like to host monthly drop in sessions in the Tindal cafe where students can drop in have a coffee and chat with me. The chat would be a time where you could express questions, concern, happiness or any other feelings regarding your course. I will do my best to improve and help change things that are widely and deeply felt by students within the FHSCE and FMS student body.


  • The drop in sessions would also be a time where students can come in and generally meet other students within their faculties and relax. I am aware that some students won’t be able to make day time hours, due to this I will also try and host evening sessions so as its more inclusive and accessible.


Cultural G.I.A.G

  • The idea behind this is that I was homesick and I thought that it would be great to have GIAG activities centered on learning about different cultures. Students teaching others about their cultures, doing some activities and enjoying great food from around the world. I thought it would be a great way for students to embrace where they are from and to share it with the ARU community.


Monthly destress events

  • Students are not only stressed during exam time and I thought having a monthly event where students could count on relaxing and having a bit of a time out would be good.


  • The events would be fun activities centered on students and helping to take a break from their studies and course work, if only for just a bit of time to re-energize.


Topics in higher education that I have an interest in are the Access+ participation plan, International students in H.E and NHS related topics.


Tell us one thing that not many people know about you?

One thing people may not know about me is that I applied for a passport when I was 23 and that same year got on an airplane for the first time to fly to South America, to participate in an alternative spring break program in Honduras.


What is your ultimate ILoveARU moment? 

My ultimate I love ARU moment was when I was sitting in the relaxation tent during a particularly difficult time in my academic year. That tent gave me life and was honestly so relaxing, it felt like I stepped into another dimension. Another favorite ILoveARU moment was participating in the ICafe activities hosted by Zoe.


If you had three wishes what would they be?

1. To Make a difference and empower the students within my faculties as well as cross campus.

2. To continue traveling and experiencing new places/ cultures for the rest of my life.

3. Visit the Maldives and Bora Bora!

FYI: If you see me on campus please wave and come say hello!

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