The August meeting of the Faculty Voice Committee (FVC) and Liberation, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (LEDIC) taking place on Wednesday 28th August, 1PM - 3PM



Terms of reference*

Minutes of the last meeting

Actions and matters arising from the last meeting



Items for discussion

Election of the Deputy President

Inclusivity Fund reminder


Changes to the Bye Law - Executive Committee Structure option 1

Changes to the Bye Law - Executive Committee Structure option 2

ARU Budget Cuts

Executive Officer Updates


Wider Executive Committee Updates

Campaign Rep Updates

Faculty Rep Updates


Big Ideas*

New Policy*



Budget Reques: BUCS 2019

Budget Request: Drugs Harm Reduction

Budget Request: Raise The Bar

Budget Request: Rent 19 (late paper)




Date of next meeting: September 2019 (TBC)


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