April 2017

The fourteenth meeting of the Executive Committee will take place on Monday, April 24, 12pm - 2pm in Cambridge and Chelmsford


Minutes of the last meeting 

Terms of reference
An update on the membership


Executive Officer reports

President report

Education Officer report

Welfare Officer report

Activities Officer (Cambridgeshire) report

Activities Officer (Essex) report



Let's be honest update 
An update on the priority campaign


An update on the implementation of ideas

An update on the implementation of policies

Against NHS Cuts


Increased Equality for Vegan Students


Up Your Grants

Against Cuts to Education

Save our Space

Teaching Excellence Framework

Gender Neutral Toilets

Liberating the Curriculum

Sensible Drugs

Trans not Trans*

An update on the budget 

Campaign Rep reports
Faculty Rep reports
PGR Rep reports

An opportunity for all representatives to discuss their campaigns


An Update on Our New Deal for Student Parents and Carers

Books + Update - Verbal

General Election – Voter Registration - Verbal

Framework for student academic partnership



Date of next meeting

1 pm - 4 pm,  31 May


If you have any queries in relation to the Executive Committee, please contact the Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator, Megan Bennett at m.bennett@angliastudent.com