LGBT+ Equality Network

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LGBT+ Equality Network

Why was this network setup?

This student network was established to bring ARU's LGBT+ students together, to discuss how to make our university an accepting and safe environment of all sexualities.

What does this network want to achieve?

We created this network so that ARU students in the LGBT+ community could share the issues they face daily; meet others who identify as LGBT+ and build a feeling of unity, and have an easy way of reaching out to their elected LGBT+ and Trans Representatives regarding their problems, as well as finding out about upcoming LGBT+ events. Together we will make ARU a safe place for our community.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in the LGBT+ Equality Network by subscribing to our update service below or attending one of our upcoming events. Get in touch with your campaign representative to find out more.

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Upcoming Events

Society Social @ Rebel Rebel
7th October 7pm - 2am
The Six Six Bar - 170 East Road, CB1 1DB
Come join us at the local ARU-alum run; LGBTQ+ event - Rebel Rebel!
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