Drug Harm Reduction

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If you do request one of our Drug Harm Reduction packs please Download this PDF. While we encourage you to use the contents to educate yourself as much as you can on the potential risks of using drugs, it is important to remember that the best way to reduce potential harm to yourself is to not use drugs.



Anyone found in possession of illegal drugs on any ARU campus will be subject to sanctions outlined in the university’s rules and regulations.

Drug Harm Reduction Campaign - request more infomation or get involved




This page outlines the penalties associated with possession and supply of illegal/controlled substances.

Drugs and the Law


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Drugs and Alcohol

Many students find ‘uni life’ offers opportunities for experimenting with alcohol and drugs. You should think carefully before doing anything you may regret and avoid being ‘peer pressured’ into taking anything you are not comfortable with. The choices you make may affect your health and future career.

For info on sensible drinking visit:

If you think you or a friend may have a drinking problem visit: