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omkar singh VP, weekly update 30th Nov - 4th Dec

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Omkar singh VP, weekly update 30th Nov to 4th Dec

Brexit meeting:

This was the last meeting before official Brexit, I have asked university to educate EU students’ on this transition phase. Any queries related to Brexit can be found in FAQs section on ARU portal or students’ can contact international office

Meeting with Deputy Dean:

This week I met Dan to discuss on upcoming arrangements of student focus group and on Incubation centre meeting. I have also proposed an idea to introduce academic awards trimester wise, he was excited and we will be looking into it.

Prayer space in campus:

The prayer space is Cambridge mum020 is temporarily closed due to ventilation issues and will be opened next trimester until then university will be providing a space. In doubt, Students’ can contact SU. In Chelmsford, university is looking into providing a bigger and permanent space and the planning shall start from next trimester.

Plagiarism awareness campaign:

Our Academic integrity matters, lets pledge to excel with integrity. 

Please don't be tempted to use services who contact you offering to help you get better grades. If you're worried about an assignment, or not confident with referencing get in contact with a tutor or support services in the university. You got to university on your own merit, you can succeed without them. Submitting work that has gone through these services would be classified as Academic Misconduct in the Exceptionally Serious category.

Student focus group:

Join Student Focus Group on Incubation centre, Thu 10 December 2020 11:00-12:10, Microsoft Teams


Join us in discussing:

What should we call it?

Where should it be?

What will make it stand out?

Who should run it?


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