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Why should I answer the Big 10?

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The Big 10 is just that, ten of the biggest questions we at ARU Students’ Union want to ask you! It’s really important you share your views so we can keep on becoming a better Students' Union. Here’s why you should complete it.


£200 prize to be won!




When you complete the survey, you will get entered into a prize draw to win £200! That’s a lot of money for just a few minutes of your time.


You can help ARU Students’ Union help you




We at ARU Students’ Union want most of all to help you guys have the best experience possible. By completing this survey, you’ll be helping us to make the right choices when it comes to our students.


You get to tell us what you think




This is your chance to tell us what you think of ARU Students’ Union, whether it’s good or bad. It’s completely anonymous!


It’s only ten questions!




A ten question survey will take you no time at all – it couldn’t be any easier if we tried!


It’s your opportunity to have your say




In the text box questions you are free to put down any suggestions or feedback you may have. This is your chance to tell us what youthink about ARU Students’ Union!


Make sure you complete the Big 10!



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