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Why voting is important to you

Here's 7 reasons to vote in the Rep Elections.

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It's the Rep Elections! Here's 7 excellent reasons why you should vote this week:

  1. Your Rep is your voice! Anything concerning about your course or faculty, they will represent you.
  2. Students voices count from bottom to top.
  3. If you think your course, faculty, modules or seminars can be improved or you've got an amazing idea nobody has yet, Reps will be there to make it happen.
  4. You are including yourself and being part of YOUR community. The student community!
  5. ARU is growing every year, not only in students numbers, but also in social values (run by students) that are important to all of us. 
  6. You are helping to improve our events and opportunities offered to you.
  7. The amazing support and enthusiasm (there can even be free hugs!).

Don't hesitate, give us your voice. Voting is open! Click here to vote now.


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