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Why should I download the ARU Students’ Union app?

So you’ve heard the buzz about people downloading the new ARU Students’ Union app? Read on for why you should download it.

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Here at ARU Students’ Union we are super excited to have a free app for Android and Apple devices.




It’s a really convenient app, and is well worth downloading. 'But why?' I hear you ask. Here are some reasons why you should download the app.



It makes keeping up to date on the latest news simple




If you want to stay updated on what ARU Students’ Union is doing, which campaigns we’re running, and what’s going on with us, then you definitely want to read our news articles. There’s a section on the app titled 'News' where you can read our latest news articles. The home page on the app has all the most popular articles on it, so you can stay updated with what’s happening.



You can join societies easily




On the app under 'Clubs and Societies', there is a complete list of societies at all ARU campuses. You can choose from any of them, and read a short summary on what the society is about. You can also purchase society memberships on the app, by pressing the 'Join' button, and adding the membership to your basket and going to the checkout. It makes joining a society easier than ever!



It's easy to look at volunteering opportunities




Under ‘Volunteering’ on the app, you can check out our volunteering opportunities. If you’re interested in making a difference, then these opportunities are great for you, and easily accessible on the app. Each volunteering opportunity has a short description about what it involves, and a link to the website where you can sign up.



You can check out all our events




On the app under the section 'Events', you can see a list of all of our upcoming events, such as club nights and Give it a Go events. You can find details here such as the date, time and place, and in the short description you can find out how much it costs, if it costs anything; a lot of the events listed are free. You can buy your tickets on the app as well – how handy is that?







If you come to ARU Students’ Union office after having downloaded the app, then you will receive a free power bank. Not bad considering all you have to do is press a few buttons! Loads of our students have already collected theirs. But if you haven’t already, download the app and collect your power bank.


Click here for a free download.


We hope that you love the app as much as we do!




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