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Why moving into student accommodation is going to be awesome!

Here’s why moving out is going to be so much fun, and why you should be getting excited!

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So you have your place at ARU and you're coming to uni! Congratulations! We hope you're as excited as we are and that you're feeling like this...



We know that you might also have some anxieties about moving out of home and into student accommodation, and feel a bit like this...




Either way is completely normal, especially feeling a bit of both! Everyone is in the same boat. Moving out is one of the best experiences in your young adult life, and you should be super excited for it! Here’s why.


You get to do what you want when you want




Don’t want to wake up until 2pm? There’s no one to stop you (except maybe the fire alarm…) Want to eat pizza for dinner every day at 10pm? You can! You can literally do anything you want, because you’re now the boss. Hooray for independence!


You get to experiment with food




Because you only need to cater for yourself, you can learn to cook the foods you want to eat, not having to worry about your family’s dietary requirements and pickiness. Plus, if you are someone who is a picky eater, you can eat whatever you want without being nagged – awesome!


You can have your friends over whenever you want




There’s no need to ask for permission (unless you share a room, then it might be a good idea!) to have your friends over – you could have them over every day if you wanted. Endless sleepovers commence!


The peace and quiet (sometimes)




So, when you’re not busy partying with your friends or chatting over coffee, busy with societies and activites, or getting stuck into your course, you’ll love how peaceful it is on your own - enjoy having so much freedom. 


You’re going to have an absolute blast!


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