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Why buy a TOTUM card powered by NUS?

One way you can save money on a student budget.

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More often than not being a student means living on a tight budget, so any way of saving money has to be a good thing right? The NUS (National Union of Students) TOTUM card is a great way of doing this, with loads of student discounts. Plus, it’s ethical too, money generated by the sale of the cards gets fed straight back into Students’ Union projects across the country. So, why should you buy a TOTUM card?




Money off food

The weekly shop can be one of the biggest expenditures when living the student life. A TOTUM card means you get 10% off at the Co-op supermarket and, even if you don’t shop there, it will still help reduce the cost of eating out or take-away, including discounts from Dominos, Zizzi and Giraffe.




Cheap travel home

When it comes to travelling home at the end of the semester money can be pretty tight and, let’s face it, trains cost a fortune! So with 26% off National Express coaches, TOTUM can help you get home on a budget. And if you’re going on a fancy summer trip, there are also discounts with various travel agencies




Help with uni essentials

Depending on your course, a TOTUM card can also help cut the costs on the kit you need for studying. Studying with Cambridge School of Art? You can get 15% off artist’s materials at WHSmith. And if you’re cutting corners or simply travelling too far to bring loads of stuff to uni, you can get 10% off of student packs with Uni Kit Out.




Going out

You can save money on the killer outfit with 10% off at ASOS to keep you looking swarve. Plus you can get 25% off at Odeon cinemas and 40% of at Pizza Express for the perfect budget date or fun night out combo!




Keeping up with the Economy post Brexit?

You can use your TOTUM card to keep you bang up to date and try 12 weeks of The Economist at £1 a week or subscribe to the online Financial Times with 50% off!




Interested? Head online and check out the other offers available. 


TOTUM cards aren’t everyone’s thing, but it is worth thinking about as it only costs £12 for a year and might just help you stretch that student loan a bit further!


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